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The goal of attorney is to defend the interests of his client acting professionally and supported by high legal and strategic knowledge.

With the use of information technology, our Office values ​​organization, efficiency and agility in the management of strategic information.

Bring us your problem we'll look for a solution!

The attorney

The attorney exercises public munus while doing his work. Necessary if it is made that it acts with responsibility, knowledge, efficiency and that it has firmness in its actions.

Your company

Managing a company in the present day is only possible if the standards in force are all fulfilled. And at this point, we offer our consulting and advisory service assisting you in the management of your business.

You and your family

Contrary to what we think, our personal life is managed by contracts all the time. Since our birth, formation, marriage, purchase of real estate and others, are all governed by contracts. And an attorney will help you in all of this.

News & Events

March 20, 2017

"Advocacy is the profession that defends freedom", says President of the Federal OAB

February 9, 2017

The Inspection and Valuation Commission of the Camboriú Subsection Lawyer deactivated an irregular office in the municipality, last Wednesday (8). The complaint was from a lawyer, after verifying that the publicity of the office violated the Code of Ethics and Discipline of the OAB.