Administrative law

Administrative law is an autonomous branch of internal public law that focuses on the study of Public Administration and the activity of its members. The purpose of this discipline is the organs, entities, agents and public activities, and its goal is the systematization of the ends desired by the State, that is, the public interest, governed by the principle of legality.

Everything that refers to the institute of Public Administration and the legal relationship between it and the administrators and their servants is governed and studied by administrative law.

Administrative law belongs to the branch of public law, whose main characteristic is the legal inequality between the parties involved. On the one hand, the Public Administration defends collective interests. On the other, the particular. And seeing conflict between such interests, there will prevail that of the collectivity, represented by the Public Administration.

In public law, the Public Administration will always be at a higher level than the private, unlike what is seen in private law, where the parties are on equal terms.